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The Asian Wedding Directory is a free Asian wedding directory that lists wedding services and is free for any company or individual that specialises in Asian Wedding

Advanced Listing costs £30 per year (Special offer for Limited time only)
- You will be required to pay after you have completed the form below. A full refund policy is offered to all customers up to 30 days of their registration, if they are unsatisfied with their advanced listing in the Directory.
- Click here to Contact Us if you prefer to pay by cheque. Once we receive payment we will approve your listings:

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With the Advanced listing you get the following features:

  • Company address & contact details
  • Email address
  • Web address - clickable
  • Location Map
  • Category listing & description
  • Receive customer enquiries
  • Also:

  • Priority in searches carried out - Advanced listing searches appear higher
  • Add unlimited events in the Events Calendar
  • Your own Image gallery
  • Enlarged images - clickable
  • Image gallery description
  • Your own On-line enquiry form
  • Send to a friend listing
  • Update your Images/ Details at any time.
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